Zurich – Switzerland

Perhaps there is no one in the world who hasn’t ever heard about banks and art of Switzerland, and Zurich is the heart of its financial and cultural life, a place which has to be visited while travelling to Switzerland.

Despite the fact that Zurich is the seventh city of Switzerland by its area, it is the most populated one and also one of the richest. Being “a city of bankers in the country of banks” Zurich is characterized by wealth and luxury. From 2001 to 2006 it was top of the list of the cities with the highest standard of living in the world. In order to understand Zurich’s phenomenon one should turn to its history.

Zurich’s origins go back to 15BC. Having acquired the status of the city in the 10th century, Zurich became the cradle of the Swiss religious Reformation six hundred years later. Huldrych Zwingli who headed the Reformation proclaimed a new motto, – “pray and work” – which influenced to a considerable degree the financial development of the city that, already in the 19th century came to light as the commercial and financial centre of Switzerland. Besides banks Zurich is rich for its universities and scientific researchers, being the main conference destination.

Art admirers will be delighted by a large concentration of art galleries, orchestras, auction houses, as well as by over than 30 museums and the famous Schauspielhaus theatre.

Even those who are sick and tired of sightseeings and don’t dream of anything but restoring their health will be pleased visiting Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich. The health service in Switzerland has a considerably high quality and is known all over the world. The clinic boasts of modern technology, first-class service, effective treatment and progressive research department. It brings together 1,100 highly-qualified specialists from different disciplines and also includes the centre of Chinese medicine.

Though the capital of Switzerland is Bern, it is Zurich that is often considered the main city of the country. That is why, getting to Switzerland, many tourists begin to explore the country just with this hospitable city.

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