Visiting Spain for the first time

Spain is an amazing country, and the fact that you’ve chosen to enjoy your next holiday in any of the cities,  or in a city like Barcelona means you have to understand how things work over there, so that you’ll enjoy your bit of the time spent with loads of fun; hence, the reason why this article has been computed based on numerous studies to show you awesome ways by which you can enjoy your stay in Spain on a budget and also save money. In the case where you’re going to Spain for the first time and you need to send your parcels over, ParcelABC is a shipping company with the sole aim of getting your goods delivered at an affordable price.

Get on a train from the airport after buying a T-10 ticket

 If you’ll be going anywhere from the airport in a cab, you aren’t going to be spending less than €30, so the cheapest way to move downtown without spending too much is by getting a metro ticket at the train station. The best thing about the ticket is that it can be used for many people, that is, if you’re two traveling, you can use a ticket to take about five journeys together, since each ticket is valid for ten journeys.

Get your food items at their local stalls

Every neighborhood in and around Spain and any city you choose to visit always has its neighboring market full of stalls where you can get hold of tempting and fresh snacks. The La Rambla market is popularly known for visitations by tourists, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you give it a try too. There are other local markets around San Antoni, cathedral or Gracia where you can get delicious and cheap vegetables, fish and meat, and fresh fruit.

Take a free tour

While there are hundreds and thousands of tours in and around Spain and Barcelona, a huge percentage carry a huge price tag with them! On the bright sides, there are a couple other free walking tours you may want to take around some of Gaudi’s works and in the Gothic Quater, and you might even decide to go for a free bike tour to have a glimpse of what the city looks like.

Check out for free events in and around Barcelona

Barcelona is filled with lots of special events, most especially during the summer periods , from live jazz, to street parties and free cinema on the bench, with each neighborhood hosting its special festival known as “Festa Major”, where residents and tourists get to use their own specific theme to decorate their streets and host different activities like dance classes, dinners and live concerts in the street. Other major events include San Joan in the sixth month of the year, where everyone is present at the beach for fireworks, Las Festes de Santa Eulàlia in February, and La Merced in September where different stages are set around the city for live music.

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