Taking a Customised Holiday in Asia

The many different countries in Asia offer unique experiences. While they may be located near each other, experiences in Bhutan will be very different from experiences in Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. You can take 10 different holidays to 10 different Asian countries and each will be very unique. If you book with a standard travel agency, however, each trip you take may be just like the holiday everyone else has booked. These trips can be fine, but you may not necessarily enjoy everything on the itinerary. That’s where customised holidays have the advantage.

What Is a Customised Holiday?

Customised holidays can be created by your travel agent if you provide enough details. You tell the agent what you like, and he or she puts together an itinerary that includes as many of your likes and interests as possible. You can also start with the agency’s standard itinerary and customise it, replacing some destinations and activities with others. If you enjoy visiting historical sites but don’t want to do any shopping, for example, your trip can be rearranged to focus on visiting those parts of the country.

Tours Created by Natives

Another great feature of customised holidays is that they are often created by natives of the country you’re visiting. This means you’ll get to see things off the beaten tourist path. You’ll be able to see a country from the native point of view, which can be much more insightful than simply visiting all of the popular tourist destinations. This is especially true when it comes to restaurants. Your native guide will know all of the best places to eat that aren’t chain restaurants or overcrowded fast food places.

Even better, the local specialists who work with sites such as http://www.backyardtravel.com can help you get the best prices on meals and other purchases. Shopping and dining in the tourist district often mean paying more because the businesses in those neighbourhoods know they will be getting a large number of tourists. Your local guide will take you to the places most natives eat and shop, which means you’ll get a better deal.

Select a Style That Fits Your Personality

Whether you love beach holidays, cultural tours, or a holiday that focuses on food, a customised holiday can take you wherever you want to go. You can even work with a native tour agent to create a walking tour. These tours give you the opportunity to walk through a country you’ve never been to or to get a new look at a place you’ve visited often.

Everything down to your lodging and meals is customisable. You can have your favourite restaurants or type of food worked into the itinerary, or you can ask your expert native travel agent for recommendations. If you’re really adventurous, simply select a style or give your agent your likes and allow him or her to create a trip full of amazing surprises for you. With a customised holiday, you can do anything you want.


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