Plan Your Trip To Königsfelden Abbey – Switzerland

Königsfelden Abbey (Kloster Königsfelden) is a Franciscan abbey between the medieval villages of Bragg and Windisch in Aargau canton, Switzerland. The abbey is renowned for its exquisite stained glass windows dating from the 14th century. These are some of the best examples of stained glass, on par with those of the Cathedral of Bern.

Königsfelden Abbey, Switzerland

Königsfelden Abbey was founded by Elizabeth von Habsburg in 1308. It marks the spot where her husband, Albrecht I, was murdered by his nephew, Duke Johann of Swabia. It became a monastery for the monks and nuns of the Order of St Clare. In 1317 her daughter Agnes, widow of Hungarian King Andrew III, moved to Königsfelden Abbey but did not join the religious order.

In 1528, Reformation swept through the area, forcing the abbey to be secularized and the monastery abolished. It then served as the seat of the bailiffs of Bern until 1868, when it was converted into a psychiatric hospital. When the hospital was relocated, most of the original buildings of the monastery complex was demolished. What remains is the church, which was converted into a museum in 2009.

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