The Panthéon – Nice Landmark To Explore In Paris

The Panthéon is one of the most popular attractions in Paris. It is famous for a fabulous 19th-century church and now a civil temple.

The Panthéon is located near the Sorbonne University and the Jardin du Luxembourg and looks over the Quartier Latin. According to history, King Clovis has chosen this place as a minister to build up his tomb.

This construction was started building in 1575 by  Paris architect Jacques-Germain Soufflot. He designed and  took charge of it.  This task takes during 34 years and just finished until 1791.

The Interior of the Panthéon is really unique and creative. It is used to accommodate the remains of the great men of France. After that, it was adjusted as a pantheon by architect Quatremère de Quincy and since 1885 it has been used as a civic building.

Tourists will be fascinated by its Greek cross layout and beautiful dome. The portico, Corinthian columns and in particular Voltaire statue are really sophisticated. The Crypt is really impressive and large enough to accommodate the remains of great French public figures. Among them has Victor Hugo,  Jean Monnet, Marie and Pierre Curie, Voltaire, etc.

Just need to go up to the colonnades tourists have the opportunity to enjoy and witness the beauty of Paris. The Panthéon is also not far from the rue Soufflot and the Jardin du Luxembourg so it is convenient for guests to reach from these places.

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