A Memorable Experience at Ocean Park Hong Kong

A small fun world! Ocean Park is on the Hong Kong Island, which is situated on the southern side. It comprises an area of 870,000 meters of land and it contains a different selection of attractions. It contains three areas which contain thrill rides Headland, Tai Shue Wan and Headland they all are operated by Corporation of Ocean Park. Their main motive is to give entertainment, conservation, and education for the very affordable price. They effectively reinvented and rejuvenated themselves to give better facilities to their guest. In 30 years more than 100 million people visited this place and each year more than five million people visit this place. It is also named in the 10 most famous amusement parks in the world in the year 2006 and in 2007 according to the traveler Forbes it hit in the 50 most visited attraction in the world. It was officially opened in 1977 by the Governor Sir Murray MacLehose of Hong Kong, around the cost of $150 million spent by the Hong Kong government. For the further phase of development, they were allocated the fund of around HK $240 million between (1982 to 1984).

ocean park hong kong

Hong Kong tourism

The Low Land area is completely changed and called waterfront and on the other hand, the Headland is changed into the fabulous section called the Summit. If we talk about its waterfront it contains many different features like they have a big aquarium with 3 levels, the themed areas of Asian animals, the Atoll Reef, the Panda adventure theme, the children’s area which is remodeled and now it is called Whiskers. If we see the Summit area if you to visit the cool and chill place you can visit polar adventure of the South and the North Pole. For hunting place, you can go thrill mountains where they contain many sea lions and dolphins in the marine world. They have so many attractive places to which they connect their guest with it like a high-speed train which is built to take or transfer the guest from the waterfront to the summit in less than 3 minutes.

ocean park hong kong

Hong Kong Parks

In November 2006 the groundbreaking took place which contained the cost of HK 5.5 billion dollar project. It was completed in six years, which is contained eight phases, but the park remained open. Due to these rides, animal exhibit its attractions doubled around 35 to 70 and this project was completed in 2012. It’s also regarded to most visited park in the world.


ocean park hong kong

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