Luzern – Switzerland

Situated at the heart of the country, Luzern is one of the most attractive places for those who travel Switzerland. With its area of 1 493 km2 and population of 342 900, Luzern can be considered a medium city of Switzerland. Its administrative language is German, though 15% of its dwellers are foreign citizens.

Like the whole Switzerland itself Luzern constitutes the distillation of various sightseeings and attractions of Switzerland. This place is a good choice both for explorers and for traveling families.

One of the main sights of Luzern is the Glacier Garden which is often called Nature’s own monument to its history. Despite the fact that the garden is in the center of the city, it is a very peaceful and calm place. The Glacier Garden consists of a park and museum. Having discovered fossilized mussels and palm leaves, represented in the park, scientists determined that 20 million years ago the territory of Luzern had been occupied by a subtropical beach. Another witness of History is a number of glacial potholes existing since the Ice age.

However, the Glacier Garden will impress not only historians and paleontologists. Connoisseurs of the art of Switzerland can also find here a lot of amazing, for example, Lion Monument or Löwendenkmal. Designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen, the carving of a dying lion is an allegory of the defeat of the Swiss Guard in 1792. During the French Revolution, hundreds of Swiss stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris and were murdered.

Even if you aren’t fond of art and are indifferent to history, the Glacier Garden in Luzern knows how to entertain you – Mirror Maze can become an unforgettable adventure. Furnished with 90 mirrors, the maze seems considerably longer than it really is, and distorting mirrors in the Hall and outside will amuse not only children but also their parents.

So visiting the best places in Switzerland don’t forget about Luzern and enjoy all sorts of attractions!

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