Lindos Village: The Real Attraction of Rhodes Island

Lindos is a beautiful village located in Rhodes, Greece and is really known for attracting tourists due to its relaxed atmosphere. Visit Lindos Village and feel the real joy of your outing while staying at Rhodes Island. The beaches in the village provide lots of opportunities to the people to enjoy their holidays to the best.

Things That Lindos Offer:

Lindos village attracts a number of tourists to discover the real beauty of this place around the year. There are a lot of options for the people at that place, you can either go to the beach to relax, get to know about the town in detail. People can enjoy this place in families and especially in a couple.

Amazing combination of narrow streets with small shops allows visitors to shop necessary things joyfully. One can buy a variety of things from here including jewelry, custom made sandal, pottery, clothes, leather goods etc. Some essential facilities are also there for the visitors including small bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants. Village’s life at night is quite amazing and tourists can participate in a variety of joyful activities.

Major Attractions In Lindos:

You can spend a good time with your family by enjoying the below-mentioned attractions of Lindos:

The Glass Bottom Boat Trip In Lindos:

The trip of Glass Bottom Boat is quite famous in Lindos, as, visitor’s love the two and half hour ride of the boat going through the crystal water. The people love the trip as it covers several miles distance and provides lots of entertainment to the visitors. There is no toilet available in the boat and also no eatables would be provided except that you bring whatever you want to.

St Paul Bay:

St Paul Bay is actually a rocky bay in Lindos and is 20 feet deep. The bay consists of two beaches, one is manmade beach from golden sand and the other is a mix of sand and gravel. During summer, the weather is so hot at the bay that one cannot walk bare feet.

To reach the beautiful acropolis in Lindos Village, you can take a walk, but to get to Lindos Village you will need a car hire Rhodes to reach your destination.

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