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If you want a tropical vacation and one that is not just about beaches but mountains and hiking adventures then you should try Sagada, Philippines. It is one of the currently growing major tourist destinations in that country frequented by all sorts of tourists.

While there are many great reasons why anyone would want to visit this mountain town, often it is because of its cold climate. It is much colder when compared with all the major cities in the Philippines even with Baguio City which is already considerably cold considering you are in a tropical country. The coldest months are from November to February although the summer months of March to May can also be very cold.

Sagada is definitely the place to go if what you want is solitude living. Well, you will not be really on your own since it is a growing favorite destination among local and foreign tourists alike who want to experience the cold weather as well as commune with nature at the same time. For there you can go on hiking, camping or simply enjoying some of the delicious foods being offered to all hungry travelers.

So to help you have a good idea of what you can expect in Sagada, here are some suggestions and tips you may want to consider.

If you are the type of person who loves waterfalls then you will surely enjoy the two falls found in Sagada. One is Bokong Falls which is very small falls and nearest to the town proper. It is just a short hike over some rice terraces to reach it. The bigger of the two is Board-ok Falls which is also popularly known as the Big Falls. You may want to hire a vehicle, usually a jeepney (a type of Filipino bus), to take you to the drop off point otherwise it would be a good 3 to 4 hours of walking time.

If you are into hiking then you would surely enjoy your stay in this place. Since you are not yet familiar with the area, I highly suggest that you hire a local guide to show you the safest way or trails. But if you are an experienced hiker and you would love an adventure of your own, then you can hike on your own or even go off the usual trails. Just be sure to inform the people in the tourist center or in the inn where you are staying where you intend to go just to be on the safe side.

There is also a favorite activity there that most tourists should never fail to try and that is caving. It is not a hard spelunking task, but more on a fun although still a bit scary at times and definitely thrilling adventure. The two most popular caves are the Sumaguing and the Lumia caves. I suggest you hire a guide to take you through those caves or else you might get lost inside there.

Locals and foreigners alike have put up restaurants around Sagada. These are just small restaurants that can usually sit just a little over a dozen of people. The food is great whether it is local cuisine or American food stuff. As a testament to this, many foodies visit this mountain village just to experience the food.

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