JAPAN – Asian Island

JAPAN is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. Despite being one of the most advanced nations in the world, the country has managed to keep its traditions, culture, and landscape very much intact. Although it is a very expensive destination, for those who can afford a trip to Japan, it is definitely worth the while. Quality comes at a price, and in this country, the high price that you pay is compensated by the quality received.

On this page, I would like to share with you useful travel information on Japan, with details on what to see in the cities and towns across the country, and how to get there. But first, a little introduction to Japan.

Japan is an island nation in East Asia. An archipelago, it comprises four main islands and many smaller islands totaling 6,852. The four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The nation of Japan covers an area of 377,944 square kilometers, and as of 2008, has an estimated population of 128 million. Honshu is the biggest and most populous island in Japan. Tokyo, the capital as well as biggest city, is located here. There are 30 million people living in and around Tokyo, giving it one of the most highly populated metropolitan area of any city in the world.

  • Official Name: Japan
  • Capital: Tokyo (8,300,000, metropolitan area: 31,800,000)
  • Population of Japan: 127,417,200
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Currency: yen
  • Religions: Shinto (85%), Buddhism, others
  • Size: 377,835 sq km (145,883 sq miles)
  • Region: Asia

Planning your Trip to Japan

Nationals of sixty-one countries – mostly Western nations – are allowed visa-free visits to Japan, for stays of up to 90 days, with some as much as 180 days. Nationals of other countries must obtain a temporary visitor visa before arriving.

All foreigners arriving in Japan that are above the age of 16, except those on government business and some permanent residents, are required to be electronically fingerprinted and photographed as part of immigration entry requirement. Entry will be denied if this procedure is refused.

When in Japan, you must carry your passport with you at all times – if caught without it, you will be detained until someone can fetch it for you. You could face a fine of ¥200,000 if caught without your passport.

International Airports in Japan

The two main gateway airports to Japan are Narita International Airport (NRT) near Tokyo and Kansai International Airport (KIX) near Osaka. Chubu International Airport (NGO) near Nagoya also receives international flights.

Planning your Travel within Japan

The most popular form of public transportation in Japan is the train. It has one of the best train systems in the world with most cities served by mass rapid transit subway trains, and intercity bullet trains called Shinkansen. Use Hyperdia to look for the timetable and routes of trains in Japan.


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