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Istanbul Travel

Istanbul is the only city that lay on two continents – Europe and Asia. Historically, this city always has been known as a unique city and you can look at the map to understand that. But, not only the geometrical location makes Istanbul so popular, but the rich history also makes it so appealing. From Ottoman Mosques and places to underground bath-houses, everything is so complete in every way that your guidebook can get full.

The merge culture of Istanbul is a thing that you can never see around anywhere else. The juxtaposition is the pure attention for visitors of Istanbul. Visitors like how new building are built behind the historical old buildings, narrow shopping streets and some grand Bazaar, women with chic fashion dresses crosses women that cover their head and wear long skirts, etc. So, this mix composition of old and new is what almost every visitor looks for.

Along with historical places, Istanbul contains grand hotels, restaurants, artistic galleries, art museum, and many other charming places to visit. The embroidery and dress designing is the unique art of Istanbul and you will find contemporary boutiques in grand Bazaar of Istanbul. In short, there are a lot of places to visit and a lot of things to love.

While you are in Istanbul, Places you should Visit

Bazaar – You should visit, feel and absorb the sounds, smells, and sights of the grand spice bazaar in Istanbul. In the 17th century, this bazaar contained few shops for caravans going towards the Silk Road. Those shops were there selling nuts, spices, honeycombs, etc. Caravans stop by, fed themselves and collect different items for their travel.

Grand bazaar Istanbul

Istanbul Archaeology Museum – You must visit one of the most historical museum, Istanbul Archaeology Museum. This museum will travel you back to the history of Istanbul. There are more than a million antiques that are a real historical asset of Government of Turkey. Those antiques include more than 800,000 ottoman coins, different medals of history, decoration pieces that describe the complete reflection of Istanbul historical culture, seals, and monumental Lycian tomb.

Blue Mosque – Once you travel to Istanbul, you must visit the Blue Mosque in Istanbul at night. The blue Mosque is one of the most famous landmarks of the city Istanbul. The sky-piercing “Minarets” and “domes” make it so popular among other landmarks. You should visit blue Mosque at night because it looks splendid with lights.

Istiklal Avenue – If you are a real lover of art and artistic work, then Istiklal Avenue is a “Must Visit” place for you. Istiklal Avenue is lined with historical buildings and contains many artistic galleries, upmarket boutiques, bars, theaters, etc. Everyone with an artistic soul can spend days and nights there by watching the splendid art of Istanbul.

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