Geneva – Switzerland

One of the best-known cultural centers of the world is Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland behind Zurich. With its 40% of the foreign population, Geneva is a very cosmopolitan city mixing different cultures. The predominant spoken language in Geneva is French, but other languages – from English and German to Albanian and Zimbabwean – are also used. Those who travel Switzerland and visit Geneva for the first time should know that its citizens like to be addressed in French, even if these are several words like a greeting, after which you can speak the language you know better.

Founded about 4000 years ago, the city has a rich and impressive history. It achieved its independence in 1530 and joined the Swiss confederation in 1814. Due to the historical factors and cultural diversity Geneva has always been noted for its tolerance and safety. Today in Geneva the crime rate is very low (1,99 per 100,000) and the main complaint of the dwellers is dog dropping.

Geneva is also the scientific centre where the World Wide Web was invented. The city has a perfect reputation for its educational institutions – it is very prestigious to obtain an academic degree in Geneva.

This city can become paradise both for art admirers and for lovers of boating, skiing, and biking. Geneva’s top ten are headed by the Lake of Geneva famous for its Bains de Paquis and relaxing boat cruise, the Old Town with its exquisite antique boutiques, museums and the oldest house of the city – the Maison Tavel, and the sculptures between the United Nations Building and Red Cross Museum.

Besides that Geneva is a very hospitable city which will become the most vivid recollection of your traveling.

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