How Is Football Betting Done

Football or soccer betting refers to predicting the outcome of a football match and placing bets on it. Over the years, football betting has progressed with newer forms of betting being introduced to the betting world.

The most widely employed football bet is on the outcome of the match – 1-x-2. In this type of bet, the punter predicts the result of the game. The player guesses what will be the result of a game at the end of the regular game time. He guesses from a set of three options: a win for one team (usually home team), a draw, or a win for the other (away) team.

On the betting slip, the 1 represents the win for a home team, X accounts for a draw, and 2 accounts for the away win.

Bookmakers use 1-x-2 betting for every market where there is a possibility of three outcomes.

Example of 1-x-2 Betting

To make things clearer and easier, let us give an example. You wish to make match predictions and bet on the England and Portugal match. The odds provided for an England win is 1.91, a draw is 3.30, and a Portugal win is 4.50. If you bet on England, then you have made a 1 bet, if you choose a draw, then you are going for an X, and if Portugal will win in your opinion, then it is a 2 bet.

If a $10 bet is placed on England’s win and the outcome is correct, the punter receives $19.1 (which includes the $10 stake). However, if the result is a draw or win for Portugal, then the punter does not receive anything.

Similarly, if the punter predicted a draw and the outcome is a draw, then the punter will receive $33 ($10 stake and $23 profit), while the same bet on a Portugal win will help the punter earn $45 ($10 stake and $35 profit).

1-x-2 betting is the most popular type of bets used in the market. One of the key aspects of ensuring a comfortable betting experience is selecting a trusted bookmaker, so keep that in mind when you are betting.

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