Facts about Turkey Travel and Rental Cars

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One of the most joyous travels around the world is the travel to Turkey. With many cultural exhibitions and historical monuments, Turkey is known as a great part of the world to visit. Travelers love to visit Turkey because of its environmental attraction and excited places too. One of the most visited cities of Turkey is Istanbul and it is a great city for you to spend vacations with your family.

Now, there are chances that you feel insecure when you travel to Turkey. Especially when we talk about the rental cars services. There are many facts that you should consider before visiting Turkey and these facts may help you to travel safely.

Rental Cars Facts

These facts are only when you travel to Turkey. Because rental cars is a huge business in Turkey, you need to be careful when selecting a trustworthy service to hire. Keep these facts in your mind and you may have a great companion.

Free one Way Rental – Yes, one-way rental is free in many big populated cities of Turkey like Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Adana, etc. Keep this fact in mind when you travel in cities. Isn’t it great to visit places properly when you have to pay almost half for the traveling?

GPS Devices – Unlike other European countries, in Turkey, the prices for GPS devices and other extras is cheap. In average, it will cost you only 10 Euro per day for GPS devices. Other countries charges differently but the minimum is 30 Euro per day.

Free Roads Travel – Many of roads to travel in Turkey are free of cost except some major roads that are always busy with traffic and have security all the time.

Age Restriction for Driving a Car – If you are a traveler and want to visit Turkey, then to drive a rented car, your age must be 21 and you should have one year of experience to drive a rental car. It is a good thing while you travel to Turkey.

So, keep these facts in your mind and plan to visit Turkey as soon as possible because it is worth it. Try to search some great rental cars services before visiting Turkey. From our experiences, there are many services but we never find a great professional company like this Antalya rent a car service. You should ask for the services of this company if you want to travel around Antalya city.


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