The Economics of Linen Hire

In a tourist destination, hospitality and restaurant management are two of the most important job fields. You need to be able to provide products or services for a wide range of customers who might not know the area or the customs very well. They will be looking for a slice of the local flavour as well as certain comforts that they recognise. If you live in a tropical location, it means that pretty much everywhere you go is a tourist destination. If you have a restaurant or a hotel in a tropical location, you need to make sure you are constantly serving your customers quickly. Interestingly enough, your linens are sometimes the most difficult aspect of your business to keep up-to-date. If you buy your linens for your business, you might have a few extra lying around, but you don’t have enough to replace every soiled cloth. If they start to look dingy or run down, you might have to buy more in a hurry. They might not match or they might be very expensive.

Your alternative is to hire your linens instead. Hiring linens affords you a flexibility that you can’t match otherwise, and it is infinitely more cost-effective than maintaining your own set of linens.


Flexible linen hire services are perfect for the hospitality market. In a tourist location, your needs might fluctuate wildly with very little notice. For example, if you are in Hawaii, you might expect a certain number of customers at your hotel during the summer months. That number will likely drop precipitously as soon as the school year begins approaching. If you bought your linens, you’ll have dozens of extra linens just sitting around. They will essentially be a waste of money until the next summer. Then, when you finally get them out of storage, they’ll be a different shade than the ones your employees have been using for months. If you hire your linens, you can boost your order so you have more stock during the busy months and then lower it when your business slows down.

Also, something unexpected might happen and you may require a sudden increase in linens. For example, if your business is on the beach and that particular area is expecting bad weather, your tourism numbers will drop. If the storm turns at the last second and projections say it won’t hit your beach, your tourism numbers might jump back up suddenly. You’ll need to be able to request new linens quickly.


Since you are hiring linens instead of buying them, you don’t actually have to pay for new linens. The linen service will constantly rotate in fresh product. If you bought your linens, you would have to pay to replace them every time they got worn out. This vicious circle would quickly add up to far more money than you would spend by simply hiring your linens. Also, you would have to pay to wash and dry them. Running a washer and dryer can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of pounds every year. That could be the difference between making a profit and being in debt. You shouldn’t go into debt for linens. Instead, you should hire linens and save money.


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