Choosing The Best Yacht Charter for Your Holiday

Yacht Charter

Choosing The Best Yacht Charter for Your Holiday

There’s just something exhilarating about sailing down a narrow straight between towering cliffs before reaching an ancient fishing village, docking your boat and enjoying fresh seafood with the locals. Sailing the Mediterranean is a holiday like no other; on a yacht charter you can explore lesser known coastal towns and discover off-the-beaten-path treasures. If you’ve already pinpointed a location you’d love to sail, the next step will be to choose your type of charter.

Steer from land to island as you please, a bareboat charter is best for experienced sailors. If you don’t feel comfortable steering your own vessel, captained journeys can be booked all along the Mediterranean. Here’s a quick read to help you choose which type of charter will offer you the best holiday experience.


Yours very own crew

My parents have never sailed, but for their 50th anniversary, they’d love to visit the Greek Islands. They aren’t the adventure travellers they used to be, so rest and peace are what they’re after. An occasional stop in a local tavern for drinks and freshly caught fish is about as much trekking as they probably have in mind. In their case, I’d be doing them (and my wallet) a disservice if I were to book a bareboat charter. Rental companies require that you be able to prove your sailing capabilities (for your own safety), so it’s very likely I’d be in search of a sailing school with a fast track program. Never going to happen.

When it comes to crewed charters there are various types of vessels and tours available. From monohulls with a private captain to larger, fully crewed catamarans designed to take small groups around on a predesignated tour. My mum found one that serves meals. I’m already on the phone.


Ay Ay Captain

There are those of us who love taking full control of our holidays. Tours can feel very rushed, especially if there was one place you took particular interest in. Some families already have a lot of experience and won’t mind being in full control of the vessel. At times it can be hard work but it’s also very exhilarating and the rewards are numerous.

Do you see that island over there, the one that looks deserted? Let’s go explore it.

Bareboat charters give you the infinite freedom to discover your own magical holiday spots, find towns where no hotels have sullied the coastline and take more time in places you fall in love with.

Yacht charters offer a perfect way to discover Mediterranean beauty, history, and culture from a new vantage point. Choose a relaxing trip on a crewed vessel, or a thrilling adventure on your own personal journey.

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