Caramoan Beach Camping Is A Great Experience But Make Sure You Are Clothed Right For Chilly Nights

The secret paradise found in the Philippines is known as Caramoan. Recently, the Caramoan Peninsula became one tourist spot. The Caramoan Peninsula has a rocky terrain and it is also full of hills. Caramoan is not a place that many people have already heard about. Most tourists crowd the most popular Boracay nearby and don’t go to Caramoan. Tourists who want to find peace and be in touch with nature will surely love Caramoan. It was mostly because of the Survivor TV show in Franch that Caramoan Resorts started to get recognized. It was Caramoan that was the chosen location for Israel’s Survivor TV. Caramoan Islands are really great in terms of sceneries and crystal clear water thus it became a popular shooting location. The view regarding Caramoan Islands is that it’s a place for a wild paradise. Islands of the Caramoan are known for their white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Caramoan Islands have clear waters but that’s not all as tourists can also visit their limestone cliffs. If you want to go around Caramoan Islands then you must travel by small boats that have an outboard motor. Paniman is the starting place for the island hopping activity.

Most people visit Gota beach in Caramoan more than on any other beaches there. The team for the French Survivor had lived in the Gota beach. From Caramoan, you can go to Gota beach riding on public transportation vehicles. You can stay at Beach and Cave Cabanas hostel if you want to enjoy Caramoan but still be on a budget. You might want to enjoy the outdoors by camping out on Caramoan islands. Just make sure you wear the right clothing for camping out as it can be a bit chilly at night in Caramoan. It truly is not effortless to reach Caramoan however, the place is really worth it. Going to Guijalo Port from Sabang takes between 2 to 3 hours by boat. Caramoan’s island hopping starts in Paniman and ends in Bikal. Only when the boat is full will it leave the port to Caramoan despite the boat schedule. If you are planning to go to the Philippines don’t forget to put Caramoan in your itinerary. You should visit Caramoan now when it is still not as popular as other great beaches.

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