Book Your Next Vacation With A Company That Provides The Perfect Experience

Have you ever been on a vacation and realized decision making can be very problematic in another country? For instance, a million drivers standing outside the airport and/or hotel waiting to pester you with the best rate possible. I remember wanting to go zip lining on my vacation and the driver at the hotel dropped me off for my excursion to begin. When it was time to leave, it was the worst experience trying to get a driver to pick me up. No one around me was fluent in English and the phone number I had for my previous driver was a foreign number. Have you ever tried calling a foreign number using a US number? It’s tedious, to say the least.

I stumbled across this company called The focus of Hushtrips was simple…. Eliminate all the stress while traveling. do not just sell tickets, they sell an experience! Wait, I know you’re probably thinking…” Oh no, not another Travel agency”.

You’re right! They’re not another Travel agency. Most Travel agencies will sell you vacation package to China for $899 and most of their accommodations are subpar, to say the least. On the other hand, you have online travel companies with competitive prices that will sell you a cheap ticket and forget about you. gives you the best of both worlds. You would be surprised at the low fights they quote. Check out their Facebook, they have roundtrip flights from Houston- Cancun $216, Los Angeles- Madrid $383 and I’ve even seen Chicago – Puerto Rico for only $255! I know you’re probably thinking what’s the catch? There’s not…. They will tell you which airline to book your flight within case you want to go check the price yourself!

Why stress on a vacation when you can have someone do all the planning for you? From a romantic night in Paris to an adventurous vacation in Panama, they’ve got you covered! Don’t take my word for it, follow them on Facebook and see for yourself. If you find a flight deal, come back and leave a comment about your experience.

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