Best Places In Switzerland

Those who travel to Switzerland many times agree with the opinion that it is quite difficult to define its best places – the whole country seems to be one wonderful sightseeing. However, you can start with Swiss best-known cities – Geneva, Bern, Zurich, and Luzern – which are the centers of cultural life not only of Switzerland itself but also of Modern Europe. Just take advantage of the cheap car hire Switzerland offers and explore this wonderful land at your own pace!

The Museum of Transport and Communication in Luzern is the most visited museums in the country. It consists of the Museum of Transport, IMAX Theatre, the Zeiss Longines Planetarium, St. Gotthard Tunnel multimedia show and the Hans Erni Museum, along with a conference centre and numerous restaurants. The particular feature of the museum is a balloon, filled with helium, which seats up to 25 people and floats 360 feet above the building, opening a delightful view of the Alpine panorama. IMAX Theatre offers tourists a 40-minute tour around the world. Through the huge screen, being twice as broad as a standard format, spectators make the acquaintance of science, technology and nature. Another outstanding site is the Olympic museum in Lausanne that contains the gripping presentation of Olympics’ most moving moments.

The historical places of Switzerland, its ancient churches, and monuments attract both researchers and picture-takers. For example Basel, with its 15th-century city centre and Basel Cathedral made of pale red sandstone and decorated with austere towers in gothic style.

And finally, Switzerland is paradise for skiers. The snow-clad peaks of the Alps have always challenged skilled hikers and athletes. The favorite destinations are St. Moritz, Zermatt, Gstaad, Davos, and Interlaken. The name of Interlaken means “between the lakes”. It’s clear cooling waters, springing from the mountains, flow to shimmering waterfalls which spill into Thun and Brienz lakes. Those who like admire the mountain scenery from the safety will enjoy a journey on the Glacier Express. This train connects St. Moritz and Zermatt and rolls by centuries-old castles, picturesque mountain caps, rushing streams and charming small villages. Thus, little by little, Switzerland reveals its most precious treasures.

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