Beijing Airport Layover Options

If you have a connecting flight in Beijing and need to spend a few hours there then you don’t have to sit around in Beijing Airport waiting. Instead, you can take the opportunity to get out and see some of the Beijing sites. Thanks to the 72-hour visa-free policy you won’t have any trouble leaving the airport in Beijing and returning for your flight (check that your country is one of the 51 nations which is eligible for the 72-hour visa). Before you land in Beijing you’ll be given an arrival/departure card to fill in with basic information and once you land your passport will be stamped with your temporary visa and you’re ready to go! Let the adventure begin! You have several Beijing layover tour options available:

Beijing Airport to Mutianyu Great Wall

It is a short 1-hour drive from the airport to the Mutianyu Great Wall and on the route, you will see a little of the Beijing suburbs and rural Beijing. You guide will speak perfect English and be able to give you some info about Beijing, the Great Wall, and the surroundings. Walking on the Great Wall is a dream for most people. This iconic structure is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and seeing it will be a landmark in most people’s lives. The Mutianyu Great Wall dates back to 550-577 during the Ming Dynasty when General Xu Da ordered its construction to protect the city from attacks. From this point on the wall, you can see the watchtowers at intervals along the wall. Visitors go up to the top of the wall by cable car. From there you can walk along the top of the wall and reach several of the watchtowers. Your guide will fill you in on the history, facts, and legends of the Great Wall. After you have enjoyed the wall your driver will return you to Beijing Airport, to the terminal and gate that you need for your departing flight.

Beijing Airport to Central Beijing (Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City)

Central Beijing is home to many world famous sites but the most renowned of all is Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Your driver will take you to the enormous square where you can see the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the People’s Hall and the National Tiananmen Gate. Through this gate, you will find the Forbidden City. The huge city covers 183 acres, has 9,999 rooms and was once the home of the Emperor of China and his household. Your guide will lead you through the exquisite architectural structures of the Forbidden City; tell you about its history and the people who used to live here. After you have to see the sites of central Beijing your driver will return you to the Beijing Airport for your flight out of China.

Layover tours are available to those who have at least 8 hours to be in Beijing. The tour organizers know that you don’t have a lot of time to waste and so there are no unscheduled stops or contrived stops at unnecessary shopping outlets. The tours are planned according to your flight times. When you exit the arrivals hall a driver will be standing with a sign showing your name. Transportation is in air-conditioned vehicles. You can take a private layover tour or a group layover tour. Or it you preferred you could even hire a driver to take you to a destination of your choice in Beijing and bring you back in time for your flight.

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