An Awesome Trip of Virgin Island

Lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and is separated between the British and the U.S rule. Divided in two Islands, it is still a good amount of adventure for anyone that plans to go. The complete part of the Virgin Island consists of four smaller towns known as St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas, and water Island. Currency isn’t a problem when you are there, both British and US currencies are accepted.

Virgin Island

Virgin Island tour

Some of the great attraction that you can check out when you are there are the following: if you like snorkeling try out “Waterlemon Cay“. It is said to be the best snorkeling from the trip and definitely worth a visit. It is ranked #1 of all the attractions there. Ranked #2 is the “Ram Head Trail” it is located in St. John and it is known as the best hiking experience. Ranked #3 is the “Trunk Bay” beach. It received the Traveler’s choice award of 2013 of being the most beautiful beach on the planet. Ranked #4 is the “Maho” beach. People say that it is an awesome place where the sea life is quite close to you.

Virgin Island

What good is a vacation or a tour without food? We have the top five restaurants for your convenience. Ranked #1 is “Ekaete Pink corner” it is said to be a wonderful experience for couples as well as family people. Ranked #2 is “Sam’s and Jack’s deli” for something light like an afternoon brunch is said to be outstanding. Ranked #3 is “Udder Delight” located in St. Thomas and it is famous for its shakes and smoothies and soft drinks. Ranked #4 is the “Turtle’s Deli” and its known for its light and tasty sandwiches and light meals. Ranked #5 is “Galangal” known for its delightful Thai delicacies. Critics say that is wonderful Thai food for Caribbean’s.

Virgin Island

Virgin island beaches

Suggested here were just some of the attractions and restaurants among hundreds. These are the highly rated attractions and food places to make your stay even better. It is said that Virgin islands are an awesome place to visit in the tropical weather, and yet with its amazing food and snorkeling and an awesome hiking adventure!


Virgin Island

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