What is ASEAN and Its Future Vision?  

ASEAN Tourism

I hope everyone is well aware of European Union especially after Brexit, this is one of the hottest topic these days. The European Union was made by including some of the European countries to deal with different situations after discussing matters together. Similarly, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is a political organization that controls different matters like economic growth, social cultural development, peacemaking, etc. There are 10 different countries which are part of ASEAN and this organization controls any unstable condition in regarding economy, religion, etc.

ASEAN Nations

It is very important to describe the name of countries which are part of ASEAN. The importance for every country to include as the member of ASEAN is described here.

Singapore and Malaysia have the largest economy among ASEAN countries and have a fluent growth rate of economies. If we talk about Malaysia, then it is one of the most famous countries in the field of IT research and business. So, it has a great influence among different member countries of ASEAN. Similarly, Indonesia has decreased the inflation and gain a steady increase in the economy growth since past 10 years. Brunei is an oil-rich country and it is also the part of ASEAN. Brunei is count as the largest oil-rich country in Asia. In the last decade, Brunei also increased the economy and it is still increasing. With the economic growth rate of 4-5%, Thailand is a steady country included in ASEAN. The food ration is a negative factor, though.

Above five mentioned countries are doing well at their positions, but remaining five counties are fighting with some challenging issues. For example, Laos is one of the nations in ASEAN that totally depends on foreign funds. Vietnam has consistent economic issues and we can observe that from the history too. Cambodia is one of the poorer countries in the ASEAN, but still the production of rice in Cambodia making some worth of it. Like Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma) also has challenging issues there and mostly relying on foreign funds. In the end, Philippines is a well know nation for assembling different products to ship it throughout the world and it is increasing the economic growth rate of Philippines.

The Future Vision

The future vision of ASEAN was decided in 1997 and according to that, till 2020, ASEAN will control the violence around these 10 countries and make peace around Asia. Till 2020, the relation of these 10 nations to other countries of Asia will be more peaceful and straightforward. That will help to increase the cultural and economic growth of ASEAN countries.

Resources that Help ASEAN

As a political organization, ASEAN allows different companies to interlink their businesses among ASEAN nations. It is because the economy of these nations will automatically improve. For example, AEC Connect has the concept of exchanging goods among these 10 countries to increase the trust as well as the economy. Similarly, AEC connect is helping to promote ASEAN Tourism by connecting these 10 nation. There are many benefits in getting services from organizations like AEC because they can convert the dream of ASEAN into reality.

There are different concerns regarding the safety of ASEAN member nations. For instance, the environmental and natural disasters are one of the most focused safety issues. To resolve this issue, there are different helpful research and materials are provided by different neighbors of ASEAN nations. So, till 2020, we will see what the worth of ASEAN organization is, and how it can make new goals to improve the critical conditions into the robust conditions for Southeast Asian countries.


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