Adventures In Switzerland

Living in a city is a big advantage as well as big routine from time to time. Perhaps each person is an adventure seeker at heart, and, during boring hours at traffic jams or standing in a queue we like to imagine different unbelievable adventures, envious of this lucky guy Indiana Jones. However, there are some ways to make your dreams come true: to set out in search of legendary Atlantis, to cross the ocean in a canoe or – to look for adventures travel to Switzerland.

This country is rich for adventures to any taste. You just have to choose whatever you would like to experience this time – and, getting to Switzerland, you will realize your extreme dreams.

One of the Swiss favorite adventures is air ballooning in Chateau d’Oex, in southwest Switzerland. A 90-minute flight over a Swiss Valley will become an unforgettable traveling and a source of marvelous photos if you have a camera. Soaring at eye level of mountain peaks you can watch beautiful wooden chalets and large pastures with green sappy grass. In January the International Hot-Air Ballooning Week takes place here: dozens of colorful balloons are taking to the skies and floating in the transparent mountain air, presenting an enchanting sight.

Another famous Swiss attraction is bungee jumping. Experienced jumpers said that the best place is the Verzasca dam, 722 feet (220 meters) in height. The bungee cord is fixed to your ankles; a step forward – and you are heavily rushing down, then a gentle deceleration – and you are bouncing over the emptiness. Several seconds of adventure provokes such adrenaline secretion that its flashbacks can linger for days.

In Switzerland, adventures can be relaxing as well as extreme. So is floating on the River Aare – especially popular among the citizens of Bern. The best way is to leave clothes near the Marzili swimming pool and, having walked upstream, to jump into the refreshing water. Floating on the River Aare is an ideal pastime during hot summer and doesn’t require special training.

There are many others breathtaking attractions in Switzerland besides the preceding. The choice depends on your tastes, skills, and courage, but anyway, you will feel yourself a real hero of a cliff-hanger.

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